Persona playlist – Suburban success

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The second cluster of the persona playlist series is Suburban success. Out of the 66 clusters found in Canada, this one is number 4 and therefore one of the wealthiest, with an average household income of $193,000. These university-educated couples have white collar job and low cultural diversity. They make up less than 1% of the population and are centred mostly in the bedroom communities of Ottawa, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Although the couples of this cluster has backyards with BBQs, PVRs and other features in their home, they enjoy getting away to their cottage or planning family-centred vacations to destinations that involve fitness and outdoor activities. They stretch their intellectual minds by attending museums, galleries and other cultural events, but they are very busy with their jobs and take work quite seriously.

You can reach these folks in a variety of channels including newspapers, magazines and online. The support the environment and are happy to pay more for green products and organic foods, and like to support businesses take sustainability seriously.

If you live in a major urban centre, this cluster might be a good fit for cultural marketing initiatives. Listen to this playlist to get in the mood of your target persona!

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