About me

My mission is to increase access to arts and culture programming by marketing the right program to the right people at the right price. I attempt to work in this field by following nine arts marketing provocations:

1. I will respect the artistic vision, but be honest about expectations
2. I will be data-driven and work with artists to develop work for the right audience
3. I will use data to be strategic in my expenditure of human and financial resources
4. I will share the stories of the creators, makers and curators
5. I will engage in two-way conversations in the media where they need to take place to cultivate new audiences and connect with current audiences
6. I will advocate for funding partnerships to ensure organizational stability
7. I will promote a learning environment and constantly evaluate the way we work
8. I will develop key performance indicators that measure financial, artistic and wellbeing return on investment
9. I will share my knowledge and experiences with others

I love my job and share these resources with you since I have had tons of help over the past twenty years and want to help others to not make some of the same mistakes I have made. I am not available for consulting work, and all of my speaking engagements and hosted webinars are offered on a volunteer basis.