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The person who volunteered her postal code and playlist for Fresh Air Families insisted on choosing all Canadian artists for this persona playlist. That love of country makes sense for this cluster, whose sample social value is ‘North American Dream’.

Fresh Air Families are middle-aged, middle-income exurbanites and are widely dispersed across the country. Due to the location of their single, detached homes,  almost all of them commute to their jobs by car. These clusters take great pride in their homes and spend their money on home improvements and enhancements like stereo systems and big screen TVs. They also like to get away in the winter to a sunny destination.

Fresh Air Families index low for cultural diversity, and these folks like to take their children to dine in chain restaurants that are found throughout urban centres. They are financially responsible and prefer to save for big purchases. Since they make up 2.33% of households in Canada, and have college and trade education, and often have one or more children, these families may be good to target for cultural experiences that feature Canadian artists, family-friendly entertainment, and reasonably priced offerings that don’t require too much of a risk.

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