What is art: a weekly affair

This is the second in a series of posts attempting to organize 5 notebooks and hundreds of thoughts circling my brain, otherwise known as an arts administrator’s portfolio for the Banff Centre Cultural Leadership program final assignment.

I have devoted my career to working in the arts, but after watching Simon Sinek’s famous ‘Start with Why‘ Ted Talk, the why was clearer, but the what still seemed foggy. Arts marketers spend a good portion of their work time explaining to funders, customers, donors, patrons, volunteers, colleagues and family why art matters and trying to demonstrate impact, return on investment, growth… basically all of the buzzwords.

In the swift pace of life, I determined that having a short weekly practice of researching and sharing various definitions of this thing called ‘art’ would potentially offer some clarity to my present work and future goals.

My research has uncovered many definitions of art, but most of them come from a homogeneous type of person (ahem). I would appreciate any definitions from you that highlight a diverse view.

You can follow along with my weekly #whatisart posts on my Instagram account @juliefossitt.


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