Defining your wicked problem and testing it with a survey

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The Arts Reach Conference, a dynamic gathering of creative minds and professionals on May 30 and 31, 2023, showcases an array of enriching workshops aimed at strengthening arts outreach initiatives. In this blog post, I will share links to the resources that were presented. We explored two arts marketing workshops that focused on defining market research problems and survey design. Whether you’re an arts organization seeking to expand your audience or an individual artist looking to enhance your impact, the insights shared in these workshops can serve as powerful resources for achieving your goals. Slides from both workshops can be accessed on my LinkedIn page here.

Arts Marketing Research Part A: Defining the Wicked Question

Figuring out your research problem is the first — and most important — step before you dive into asking your customers for their insights. This hands-on workshop demonstrated a quick and easy way to define your research problem. You can access the market research decision problem editable template here.

Resources for more learning about defining your decision problem and learning about market research in general:

a. How to find existing (secondary) research:
b. How to do Market Research guide from Hubspot:
c. Coursera course: Using ChatGPT for market research:
d. Blog post from Zapier about ChatGPT and market research:

Arts Marketing Research Part B: Creating a Survey to Test Your Wicked Question

If you attended the Part A of this workshop, you defined your research problem and now is the time to test it! Surveys are a great research tool and are inexpensive, but can be tricky to create without errors and biases. This hands-on workshop goes over questionnaire design basics and show you how to test your survey to ensure it gets you the answers you need! You can access the survey design scaffold worksheet here.

Resources for more learning about survey design:
a. Kantar online survey training modules:
b. Sage Video, Designing a Survey:
c. Pew research Center, Question Wording:
d. Equity Matters Podcast with Dr. Autumn Blackdeer:



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