82 low cost tools for non-profits

Freemium is a portmanteau of the words ‘free’ and ‘premium’, which sure makes it sounds a lot fancier that it really is. Essentially, a lot of apps and programs are free to use but have premium paid features. (For example, the free portmanteau generator).

My current favourite freemium product is Canva. This online graphic design program for dummies has a ton of features on the desktop and mobile version that are really easy to use. If you pay for their Canva for work option, you can save your fonts and colours and resize graphics for multiple channels in the click of a button. My graphic designer colleague told me that any Canva design makes them do a face palm, but for quick and dirty social media posts, electronic newsletters, and resumes, they are so easy to use.

Nonprofit tech for good just posted a list of 82 free or close to free tech tools for non-profits. Bookmark this link! In addition to this list, I would recommend Pixabay for free stock photos, Gifmaker.me to make gifs and exportable short videos from stills, and I love IMG to convert PDFS to jpegs easily for social media sharing.

What’s your favourite freemium tool? Or as the portmanteau generator would say, “What’s your favourimium?”


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